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I-TEK Equipment


A complete range of optimised, high-performance equipment, adaptable to all your needs and to all the physiological stages of your livestock.

I-TEK SOLutions


We design and build ventilated, tailor-made buildings for the livestock farming of tomorrow, suited to all types of production.


Who are we?

1992 – Founding of the company

1996 – Integration of a design office

2016 – Launch of I-TEK Solutions

I-TEK SOLutions

Management of projects from A to Z

Let us take care of your farm

Innovation to make farmers’ lives easier

2 047 260 m2 of buildings

6370 farmers and partners

17 500 projects for up to 15,000 sows

I-TEK, for the perfect answer to your farming project.

Over the past 30 years we have acquired unique know-how in close collaboration with farmers, technicians and veterinarians.

You want to build an innovative barn?

Whether it’s a tailor-made, turnkey barn, innovative farrowing equipment or a specific spare part, we have the answer you seek for your project, whatever its size.

Our R&D department is forever at the vanguard, closely attentive to the latest developments in the field, and keeping abreast of the regulations and news. Take advantage of the latest cutting-edge equipment to manage your farm in the best possible way.

Let us work together in pursuit of innovative and dynamic agriculture.

I-tek drive
I-TEK DRIVE, to meet your needs in 24 hours flat

A site for your online purchases of protective materials, tools and indoor equipment for pig farming.