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Physiological stage


Equipements équin

I-TEK a développé une gamme complète d’équipements équins dont trois produits phares qui vont changer votre quotidien. Découvrez et consultez notre site dédié au cheval....

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Our LACTEK + box remains a safe bet, even after all these years! Are you looking for a simple and efficient maternity box with good...

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Since 1992, I-TEK has been innovating on a daily basis to create the best rearing conditions, optimise costs and move farms towards greater health and performance.

The creativity and expertise of our Research & Development department are recognised. With, in particular, more than 20 patented technical processes to our credit, nothing is left to chance in order to bring permanent innovations to your pig farming equipment.
<Commercial service

I-TEK’s strength is of course a dedicated sales team, in France and abroad, available when you need it, by phone or email. You can also make an appointment with a sales person to visit our showroom or a breeding farm.
<Buying service

The choice of specialised partners who are experts in their field allows us to ensure that you receive quality products, manufactured according to specifications. We continually seek to select products with good value for money and state-of-the-art technology so that we can offer you new solutions.

Logistics service

Our storage space allows us to respond as quickly as possible to your needs. Nearly 20,000m² of storage space, more than 1,500 references in stock and a dedicated team to ensure your delivery goes smoothly.

After Sales Quality Service

Our goal: quality and reliability of I-TEK products.
We follow up on manufacturing at our partners and orders to ensure better product reliability. Having a problem? Our SAV service will respond and troubleshoot in no time.