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I-TEK Solutions

To support you in your building project, I-TEK has developed a new service that offers innovative, high-performance and sustainable solutions.

Our goal: improve the sustainability and profitability of your livestock to prepare it for the multiple challenges of tomorrow.

Our strength

I-TEK Solutions is all the expertise of a design office, made up of technicians and field teams, a tailor-made service to study and optimise your buildings or design your construction project in pig, poultry, cattle and horse breeding.

Choosing I-TEK Solutions also means opting for an exemplary building, unique in France for its materials, its industrial structure in harmony with the landscape, its scalability, its patented EXATOP ventilation system (air filtration and washing…), or its ISOTEK+ walls, which can be dismantled and recycled.
<I-TEK Solutions is an approach:


Clear and legible service for the breeder. A single objective, theperformance of the farm by choosing “the best” at each level of the building construction.


A single point of contact for a “turnkey” and “tailor-made” service.

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