I-TEK Solutions know-how


Design office

Benefit from the experience of a dedicated design office for bringing the plans for your farm to fruition:

  • Building layout plans
  • Foundation plans with cross-sections and details
  • Slurry network plans
  • Slatted floor installation plans
  • Plans for your project’s implementation on the site
  • Administrative file
  • ISOTEK building or traditional building

Worksite monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind throughout your construction project thanks to our worksite monitoring service:

  • A works manager dedicated to your site
  • Site monitoring software (LIBTEK) with regular, documented, secure reports
  • Almost daily exchanges on the progress of your project
  • A lead person to coordinate the various trades

A complete diagnostic

You don’t know where to start? We can conduct a complete diagnostic of your farm in order to study and optimise your buildings or to design your construction project:

  • Meeting with our expert to discover your history and your objectives
  • Visiting your farm, listing the weak points and strong points
  • Recording dimensions, readings, measurements
  • Compliance with the principle of “moving forward” and the logic of your farm
  • Supplying a comprehensive report with the recommendations of our expert
  • Transparency
  • Biosecurity
  • Ergonomics and working comfort
  • Fire risk management
  • Feeding system – On-farm food production
  • Protecting the environment
  • Scalable farming

What we can do for you

ISOTEK building 

Its benefits:

  • Integration in the landscape
  • Integration of renewable energy (photovoltaic, biothermal)
  • Natural light
  • Recyclable, eco-responsible
  • Modular, personalised or made-to-measure
  • Health and biosecurity outcomes