Choosing the right floor solution is the basis for the stockman. Indeed, for pigs’ welfare and health, the floors have to be smooth but not slippery and must be designed and maintained to prevent the pigs from getting harmed by standing or sleeping on it. The choice of the slats’s size must fit the size and weight of animals and, where no bedding is provided, the floor must form a rigid, even and stable surface. The floors also help maintaining the pens clean thanks to their splits which enable to carry away the slurry.

It is also important for the floors to be kept clean, dry and not harmful to pigs to avoid problems such as general lameness, torn claws, abscesses etc.

We have 3 different floors’ combination for the weaning of your piglets.

First, the Rotecna plastic floor and concrete (concrete slats being rather used in fattening to provide good weight bearing properties).

Then, the Rotecna plastic floor and cast iron which can be placed above the draining plughole or somewhere else to create a lack of comfort for the piglet. We also offer a liftable cast iron slat which, once lifted up, can give an easy access to the pit for cleaning.

Finally, the Rotecna plastic floor and galvanised bar slats.

The corridor’s floor is nonslip.

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Plastic floor

  • makes cleaning and sanitizing easier, helps improving the piglets’ comfort, easy and fast assembling
  • dries quickly
  • waterproof


Cast iron floor

  • helps creating a zone lacking comfort for piglets thus avoiding them to be laying in one place (reducing risk of overlays)
  • lifting cast iron slat to make cleaning easier
  • easy to install



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