BIO-TEK The building concept dedicated to organic farming

For more than 5 years, I-TEK Solutions has been working on new building concepts. The goal: to be able to offer livestock farmers a turnkey tool. We have therefore developed 3 concepts: WELL-TEK, FARM-TEK and BIO-TEK.

What these three types of building have in common is that they can be adapted to any size of farm and blend in perfectly with the landscape, thanks to the materials and the different colours available. This means we can offer farmers buildings perfectly in tune with their environment, with an emphasis on the health quality of the farms in addition to the aesthetic aspect, in line with today’s societal expectations. The buildings comply with the principle of “moving forward”, facilitating the work of farmers and avoiding the mixing of animals during the physiological stage changes, thereby significantly limiting the transmission of diseases.

The BIO-TEK concept is equipped with an entrance airlock with corridor and junction. The characteristics of the farrowing house comply with the specifications of an organic farm. The building is equipped with straw-bedded areas for all physiological stages. The piglets have access to outdoor runs. 

This concept promotes a high degree of freedom for the animals. In the mating stall, the sows are free to move around, and in gestation and we try to give them as much freedom as possible. As far as farrowing is concerned, the sow can move freely, with 42-day on-the-spot weaning. To make the farmer’s work easier, the straw is distributed automatically and has its dust removed before being used in the stalls. To enable the farm to be financially independent and to generate additional income to reduce energy costs, it is possible to install photovoltaic panels.

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  • Mating stall with sows moving freely
  • Gestation stall with maximum freedom
  • Free movement for sows in farrowing stall with on-the-spot weaning
  • 42-day weaning
  • Automated straw distribution
  • Removing dust from straw
  • Possibility of treating the straw
  • Possibility of installing photovoltaic panels



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