WELL-TEK Our basic concept

For more than 5 years, I-TEK Solutions has been working on new building concepts. The goal: to be able to offer livestock farmers a turnkey tool. We have therefore developed 3 concepts: WELL-TEK, FARM-TEK and BIO-TEK.

What these three types of building have in common is that they can be adapted to any size of farm and blend in perfectly with the landscape, thanks in particular to the materials and the different colours available. This means we can offer farmers buildings perfectly in tune with their environment, with an emphasis on the health quality of the farms in addition to the aesthetic aspect, in line with today’s societal expectations. The buildings comply with the principle of “moving forward” (biosecurity), facilitating the work of farmers and avoiding the mixing of animals during the physiological stage changes, thereby significantly limiting the transmission of diseases.

The WELL-TEK concept is the basic concept that we propose. This building adopts the characteristics of an ISOTEK building with:

  • a side aisle
  • EXATOP post ventilation with underfloor air intake
  • easy maintenance thanks to the use of PVC, which saves on both time and water consumption
  • centralised air outlet with the possibility of treating the air with a scrubber or biofilter
  • aluminium roof

The WELL-TEK building concept can also be combined with the installation of photovoltaic panels and biothermal energy production. It can be accompanied by a covered outdoor pit.

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  • Easy cleaning
  • Controlled energy consumption
  • 1 single batch in mating stall with free movement for sows
  • 5 batches in gestation
  • Free movement of sows in farrowing
  • Weaning after 28 days
  • 1 weaning stall per 3 fattening stalls, 0.75 m²/pig
  • Straw distribution in the fattening stall
  • Possibility of installing photovoltaic panels
  • Possibility of biothermal energy production



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