TOYS FOR PIGS Enrichment materials

We offer a wide range of toys for pigs, also called enrichment materials, for post-weaning and fattening to entertain your sows and piglets :

  • Corner attachment with stainless steel chain
  • Stainless steel chain with threaded rod attachment
  • Pivoting mount (stainless steel chain)
  • Wooden toy kit with stainless steel mount (there are 2 sizes for the mount of the toy kit and 2 sizes of dry northern pine rafter for weaning and fattening)
  • Ball to play with, to be fixed on a chain
  • Plastic or organic toy, to be mounted on the pen’s tubular or on a chain

Foraging is part of pigs’ nature, whether they are raised conventionally or free-range raised.

It stems from several motivations:

  • The need to know their environment and to interact with it
  • Determine areas of activity
  • Rest or search for food
  • This behavior can also be observed when the animals are satiated.

Diversifying, making more complex, enriching the living environment of animals promotes the expression of this behavior. This is the purpose of enrichment materials (toys for pigs).

What the regulations say :

“The COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2008/120/EC laying down minimum standards for the protection of pigs and the Decree from the 16th of January 2003 require that :

– All pigs must have permanent access to a sufficient quantity of material to enable proper investigation and manipulation activities, such as straw, hay, wood […] or a mixture of such, which does not compromise the health of the animals.

– One must make sure that sows and gilts have permanent access to manipulable material at least complying with the relevant requirements of Annex 1.

– In the week before the expected farrowing time sows and gilts must be given suitable nesting material in sufficient quantity unless it is not technically feasible for the slurry system used in the establishment.

– When signs of severe fighting appear the causes shall be immediately investigated and appropriate measures taken, such as providing plentiful straw to the animals or other materials for investigation.”


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  • Untreated wood, edible product
  • The chain and enrichment ball toy are non destructible, thus always there
  • Enrichment toy ball kit to be hanged on a chain, very resistent, manipulable, enables a double action : to the chain and to the object



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